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We're developers, problem solvers, and binary code manipulators.

Our goal is to create software that makes our customers eyes sparkle.

We build software the right way, the first time. We have helped some of South Africa's biggest corporations solve the toughest problems - and we do it with style.

The Team

Meet the Herd

Mark Koorn - Software Engineer / Co-founder

The Vitamin deficient Stag.

Became a vegan when he was 21 and just wont stop talking about it.

Proved us wrong and was able to pull off a beard. There was so much blood.

Wears braces but is still very gentle when he kisses. He maintains supportive eye contact.

Has a proceeding hairline on his toes.

Thinks it's appropriate to wear bowties.

As boring as dirt to talk to.

Only wears crop tops to show off his tattoo.


Chris Snow - Software Engineer / Co-founder

The 'Silver' Stag.

The oldest stag. His hips gave out long ago but has a booty that just won’t quit.

Related to Jimmy the Rustler.

Thinks tomatoes are a gimmick and won’t be ‘drawn into that fad’.

Not afraid to call a spade a spade, he has figured out that they aren’t sentient and are seldom dangerous.

Regularly brings up how he could never be a sheep as he couldn’t live with being fleeced.

Makes a mean Kumquat tart.

Has been on Shart Tank several times.

Refuses to pay attention incase he gets taxed.

Ran minify on his bladder.


Vernon Francis - Software Engineer

The Vascular Stag.

The office hottie. Got COVID a while back, his temperature never normalised.

Our youngest but by no means our smartest.

Drives with his eyes closed to save energy.

Swallows all the gum he eats to save time.

Never learnt basic shapes and shows no desire to.

Loves working out, especially his heart.

Tells everyone his biceps are called his “Love Tongs” and that they’re begging for a squeeze.

Doesn’t just hear, but listens.

Knows the answer to Whose Line is it anyway.

Developer of PreviousJS.


Adrian Miles - Project Lead

The Hearing-impaired Stag.

Adrian asked us to write something here about how smart he is. We decided to rather use this space to tell you that we are so excited to have you browsing our site. Thank you <3

Can't hear so rarely listens.

Passionate about Crufts, speed braiding and Summer knitwear.

Has a face only a mother could love.

Currently working on React Immigrant.

Great at naming things, bad at implementing them.

Stronger than he looks and dumber than he sounds.

Rocks a polo neck like its nobodies business.

Puts the 'Adrian' in 'Adrian's weird and doesn't quite fit in'.

Very quirky, never without his UGG® boots or a Venti Starbucks Ice coffee.

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