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Full Stack Software Development


about us.

Silverstag Consulting was founded on the idea of providing South Africa with the highest quality, highest impact and lowest resistance development experience. 

We strive to soar above the status quo, valuing long term, mutually beneficial relationships over short term monetary gain. We are committed to ensuring that our clients receive the best possible experience across all areas of engagement.


Our focus.

Working together, creating elegant solutions.
Custom Software

Providing solutions to your problems using the most appropriate technologies.

App Development

Cross-platform web, mobile and desktop applications.

Web Development

Promoting your brand in an online world.

Consulting and Code Auditing

Providing advice on the best practices for your business.


Why Choose Us?

Because we believe in what we do, and are committed
to producing the best products possible.
Kaizen: Continuous

By cultivating a culture of continuous improvement we ensure that we remain at the forefront of innovation. 



We believe that regular and transparent communication is essential to building long-term, honest relationships.   

Striving towards

We have committed ourselves to producing the highest quality solutions possible, and value excellence in our craft. 


The IT industry is extremely fast-paced and constantly changing. We pride ourselves on our flexibility, effectively responding to change. 


That which is measured, is improved. We have processes in place that ensure consistent, measurable results. 


As the old adage goes: “Two heads are better than one”. Working together we can produce creative solutions.


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