Silverstag Consulting is a collective of highly skilled, passionate, self-reflective individuals.

Database design and implementation

Having designed databases for clients across a diverse range of domains and industries, we pride ourselves on our ability to design robust, future-proof, and performant database systems.An ERD (Entity Relationship Diagram) is included with each iteration of our database designsso that the relationships between all entities are easily conceptualised.We have extensive experience with the following databases:Relational (MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL, Oracle)Non-relational /NoSQL (MongoDB, Firebase) Billing method: Hourly

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Software development

We provide back-end (API), front-end (client facing) and integration (unseen) software solutions. When it comes to the code we write and the technology we pick we adopt the carpenter's rule: "measure twice, cut once".We have experience and proficiency with a number of languages and believe in choosing theright tool for the job. We are just as happy to work on our own as we are to work within existing teams – whereverour expertise can be applied is the best use of our time.Billing method: Hourly / Monthly / per feature

Project maintenance

Getting code to market is only part of the journey, and as such, we are strong believers in keeping projects as up to date as possible. Software solutions require regular updates in order to ensure potential security exploits are addressed, the project remains highly performant, and that it does not fall into a state of stagnation.Bug fixes, code refactoring and minor feature tweaks also form part of this offering. Refactoring code can seem like a poor use of time, but ultimately keeping a system as cleanas possible results faster development cycles, allowing the development-feedback loop to beclosed sooner.Billing method: Hourly /Monthly retainer

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Code and project audits

We offer code and project audits at a flat fee where we'll provide a report on the existing state of a project, how the project can be improved, and an accompanying quote for actioning any suggested changes.Billing method: Fixed based on project size and complexity

Ad-hoc Software Consultation

We pride ourselves on our problem-solving abilities, and the nature of what we do on a daily basis gives us exposure to all aspects of software development. We provide hourly consultation services whereby we discuss and solve your business problems with you and/or your team.Billing method: Hourly

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End-to-end Solutions

In addition to offering each of the areas of expertise as individual service offerings, we also offer them as a package. This is typically best suited for projects that are just starting out, orfor projects that have reached a point in their life cycle where it may be best to outsource it in its entirety.End-to-end solutions allow us to flex our creative muscles and is where we feel we provide the most value. Having the ability to influence a project in all areas allows us to perform efficiently and effectively across the board.Our end-to-end solutions offering includes everything covered above as well as:Solution ideationSolution designSprint planning and managementMilestone delivery and managementProject management

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Other services


Application monitoring

Error logging, performance and uptime monitoring


Analytics integration

Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel and Amplitude


Software Requirements Specification

Ideation and creation


UI /UX Design

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